Ritz Carlton in Bal Harbour, FL   ~   Surf Club Townhome

Carlton Condominium    ~   Painted Bunting Residence

We work hand-in-hand with many fine cabinetry companies to improve design and functionality. Especially critical is ventilation, speaker placement and television spacing and mounting options. This client has both a full home theater system as well as a mini rack for house music components incorporated within.

This Pebble Bay Project Required Extremely Close Coordination With an Excellent Craftsman and Tight Tolerences

A brief sample...

Stay Tuned for Images of Harmony Reserve Clubhouse Theater, Fitness and Aerobics Rooms, Loggia and More!

Bal Harbor, FL

Harmony Reserve Clubhouse Teaching Kitchen

Hidden Miniature Camera Offers View of Chef's Creations

Ceiling Mounted 65" TV in Front of Stainless Vent Hood

Tedesko residence in Bal Harbour, FL

‚ÄčTonecase Custom Soundbar Cover and Sonos Playbar Combo

Floating Cabinet & Leather Accents by RyanLawson.com

Painted Bunting Residence Featured in Home and Garden Magazine.

Audio Fidelity Was Highest Priority for This Client Thus the Traditional Speakers